MedTech Innovator Road Show Pitch Events

Part of the MedTech Innovator Road Show included global Pitch Events, which our team was able to attend in both Washington, DC, and Singapore—an exciting part of the journey towards the companies being chosen for the MedTech Innovator 2024 Cohort.

At the DC event, Rick Geoffrion and Nicole Ager had the opportunity to connect with hopeful companies and hear their pitches about their innovative technology. The show also featured some insightful sessions with partners like MDIC and others.

Upon attending the Singapore event, Ajay Nair, who represented as a judge, experienced some of the incredible startups from Singapore, India, Australia, and beyond, along with phenomenal panel sessions.

TMG Search Canada at UBCO

TMG Search Canada spent time with students at BC Okanagan. Adrianna Stange, Managing Consultant for TMG Search Canada, discussed how mindset and generational variances influence workplace communication with students. She delved into the reasons behind the disparities observed between hiring managers and candidates from diverse generations and cultures. 


INNOVATEwest hosted a remarkable event in Vancouver, Canada, which TMG Search Canada and Dragonfly had the privilege of attending and capturing some wonderful content onsite.

The conference featured many valuable takeaways, engaging panel discussions, insightful keynotes, and many fantastic conversations with exhibitors and attendees. 

SAGES 2024 

TMG attended SAGES 2024 at the Cleveland Convention Center from April 17 – 20, 2024. This year’s meeting focused on expert “how-I-do it”  video-driven education, instruction on incorporating technology into practice, and the introduction of new andemerging innovations. TMG collaborated with multiple surgical societies in a packed week of education and networking.  

HR Conference & Expo 2024

TMG Search Canada participated in the HR Conference & Expo 2024 in Vancouver, Canada, alongside CPHR BC & Yukon. They engaged with fellow industry professionals to discuss current recruitment trends. 


Ajay Nair, President of TMG Search APAC, moderated a panel on May 9th for the Asia Pacific Medical Technology Association (APACMed) titled “Intelligent Healthcare Talent of the Future.” The panel included industry experts Yoann Sapanel, Sylvain Mangeot, Sahil Saraf, and Rodney Pereira. TMG is proud to contribute to global advancements in Talent Access and is privileged to participate in such significant events. 

DeviceTalks Boston 

Holly Scott participated in DeviceTalks Boston, where she moderated a discussion, “Passing the Baton: Stories of CEO Succession,” with industry leaders such as Paul Grand, CEO of MedTech Innovator, Marissa Fayer, CEO of DeepLook Medical, and Tal Wenderow, Venture Partner at Genesis Medtech Group. These conversations sparked a collective passion, enthusiasm, and commitment to the importance of succession planning and the natural progression of a CEO.

Euro PCR

EuroPCR 2024

TMG traveled to Paris and attended Euro PCR 2024. During this conference, we experienced the genius that exists in medical robotics in this country. While at EuroPCR, Joe spent time at Ganymed Robotics with Silvère Lucquin, Julien Puaux, and Lukas Vancura with a behind-the-scenes look at a wonderful platform in the orthopedic market. 

Heart Rhythm Society 2024

Heart Rhythm Society 2024 was a great reunion of friends in the electrophysiology world at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. TMG’s Holly Scott and Dominic Lynch connected with longtime clients and industry friends at the event.

LSX World Congress 

LSX World Congress in London was a tremendous event connecting the HealthTech, MedTech, and BioTech communities. Tom Farr attended both days of the conference and experienced a tremendous line-up of panel discussions from the top innovators and investors in the industry.  

Society of Gastroenterology Nurses & Associates 

Ryan Blasko attended the 2024 Society of Gastroenterology Nurses and Associates conference in Louisville. During the conference, it was great to see old friends, and current clients, and lock down future partnerships. 

Okanagan Angel Summit Finale 

TMG Search Canada attended the grand finale of the 6th annual Okanagan Angel Summit, hosted by Accelerate Okanagan. This event featured an 8-week pitch program for entrepreneurs and accredited investors, culminating in a competition where the winner could secure an investment of up to $200,000. TMG was proud to sponsor this event for the first time and delighted to participate alongside numerous bright and innovative minds and supporters in the tech sector. 

AusMedtech 2024 

TMG Search APAC participated in the AusMedtech conference in Adelaide, where companies explored the challenges and successes of their startup-to-scale journeys.  

New York Valves

TMG attended the 2024 New York Valves Structural Heart Summit hosted by the Cardiovascular Research Foundation (CRF). The event featured a distinguished lineup of global leaders collaborating to shape the future of heart care. 

Medtronic AR Training Session 

TMG Search APAC President, Ajay Nair, participated in the Medtronic AR Training Session and visited the Customer Experience Center (MCXC), a cutting-edge training facility and employee workspace. During the AR training, Ajay experienced firsthand the Micra Pacemaker, renowned as the world’s smallest leadless pacemaker. 

TMG Search Canada at CPHR BC & Yukon 

TMG Search Canada participated in the annual CPHR BC & Yukon summer kick-off event, which featured keynote speaker Carollynn Schafer. She delivered a compelling discussion on the vital role of innovation and ecosystems in business, applicable across all sectors and industries. 

APACMed Breakfast Conversations 

TMG Search APAC attended the APACMed Breakfast Conversations, where esteemed panelists deliberated upon the requisite roles and proficiencies essential for an “Intelligent Healthcare Talent of the Future.” They underscored the importance of harnessing the right talent to unlock AI’s full potential and augment healthcare outcomes. 

MedTech Innovator Summit 

The Mullings Group partnered with Paul Grand and the MedTech Innovator team for the Medtech Innovator Summit in Mountain View, with Dragonfly as the official media partner for the event. TMG had the privilege of connecting with many current cohort companies, alumni, partners, BioTools, and MTI APAC participants to capture their stories and share them as the year continues.

Nicole Ager and Holly Scott led a breakout session, “Building a Buzz: Attention & Awareness for Talent, Investment, and Value,” where they discussed scenarios put forth by the attendees and offered strategies and solutions to support their company’s move to their next milestone.

SRS Annual Meeting 

The Mullings Group Companies participated in the Society of Robotic Surgery Annual Meeting, SRS, with Dragonfly conducting interviews from our fully-equipped studio on the event floor. It was a packed event from ribbon-cutting with Moon Surgical to a live virtual case using Dexter with Distalmotion and connecting with many client partners and friends in between.

Studio Recap

We hosted several guests both in studio and virtually this Spring and Summer to engage in conversations, gain insights into new technologies, and highlight market trends. 

April 2024

Joe Mullings joined Craig T. Ingram for a Raw Lessons Revealed podcast. 

Joe joined Tom Salemi for a DeviceTalks podcast. 

In The Room with Emily Phair guest: Lisa Ann Butcher

Joe hosted Elliot Street, Dr. Federico Nicolosi, and Dr. Vijay Paul for a Surgical Training Panel Discussion. 

R&D Podcast Episode 5 with Ryan Blasko and Devin Stanley

Tech Talks with Holly Scott guests: Ananth Ravi, David Kuraguntla, Vedang Kothari and Mike Cogswell

May 2024

Joe Mullings Untitled guests: Steve Maxson and Steve Bell

The Bleeding Edge of Digital Health with Mike Moore guests: David Herbada, Shriram Raghunathan, and Aamir Mahmood

In The Room with Emily Phair guest: Emile Studham

As a continuation of the Israel Delegation for the Medtech Ecosystem, Joe was joined by David Hochman, Avi Fischer, Tal Wenderow, Adam Rosenwach, and Jonathan Waldstreicher

Joe hosted Shifamed in One60 Studios with Amr Salahieh

The Family Business with Matt Kaufman guest: Cathy Skinner

June 2024

The Family Business with Matt Kaufman guest: Yossi Mossel

Medtech Insights from APAC with Ajay Nair guest: Nikhilesh Bappoo

The Bleeding Edge of Digital Health with Mike Moore guests: Cameron Andrews and Steven Charlap.

Steve Mapa, the President & Executive Director of MedTechVets, in the studio with Joe Mullings. 

In The Room with Emily Phair guest: Marlene Higgins