NANS Annual Meeting

Tiny technologies. BIG impact. Neuromodulation, through devices like spinal cord stimulators and deep brain stimulators, has shown remarkable clinical success. Conditions such as chronic pain and Parkinson’s disease have witnessed significant symptom relief with focused ultrasound, enhancing patients’ quality of life.

There have been several miraculous clinical accomplishments, such as paralyzed individuals regaining mobility through neurostimulation and patients with severe depression finding relief with deep brain stimulation. These advancements underscore the immense potential for continued innovation, fostering hope for individuals grappling with neurological disorders. Thank you to our current and future clients for your time at this outstanding conference.

Arab Health Exhibition

TMG attended the 2024 Arab Health Exhibition. During the three-day event, we engaged with numerous companies presenting cutting-edge technologies, such as Zimmer Biomet, Involution Healthcare Private Limited, Alio, Aster DM Healthcare, and Diagnostics. Leaving the exhibition with optimism, we eagerly anticipate the future of healthcare and await next year’s event.

MD&M West

The Heartbeat of Innovation. The MDM West show in Anaheim showcases the MedTech industry’s cutting-edge innovations and tireless entrepreneurs, serving as a beacon of hope and progress for countless individuals worldwide. We found ourselves immersed in a world of groundbreaking technology and visionary leaders, marveling at the multitude of owner-driven companies fueled by a burning passion to make a difference in the world of healthcare. Beyond the business ventures and industry accolades, it was great to see a network of friends and associates united by a common goal: to create value, educate, and ultimately impact patients’ lives.

Surgical Disruptive Technology Summit

TMG attended the Surgical Disruptive Technology Summit (SDTS), a standout event heralding innovation, collaboration, and transformative potential within the medtech sector. SDTS brought together surgeons, OEMs, providers, and other stakeholders, fostering collaboration and innovation while pushing the boundaries and questioning existing norms. We commend Dr. Erik Wilson & SAGES for cultivating an environment highlighting disruptive technologies advancing healthcare.

Dragonfly was also there in force with a mobile studio to capture interviews with attendees, physicians, innovators, and entrepreneurs from the show.

Israel MedTech Delegation

Being part of the MedTech Delegation that spent a number of days in Israel and meeting with key members of the Israeli medtech community was a deep experience, including first-hand conversations about what the Israeli medtech community has experienced and how they have been agile and persevered to date. Not only did the group participate in the ICI Meeting, but spent time around the country, specifically at Rambam Medical Center, Start-Up Nation Central, and the Peres Center for Peace & Innovation.

This was a very special trip, and we enjoyed connecting with all of the delegation’s attendees and our partners at LSI, Orchestra BioMed, and Deerfield Catalyst.

LSI USA Emerging Medtech Summit

TMG experienced an amazing week at the LSI Emerging MedTech Summit 2024, a partnership for which we continue to be immensely grateful. Joe moderated two panels, “The Stratification of Surgical Robotics: The Right Equipment in the Right Place for the Right Patient” and “Transitions of Leadership: Challenges and Considerations in Installing New Management,” while Holly moderated a panel covering “Why is Women’s Health Still an Under-Ventured Market?” Particularly special this year was our involvement in the panel discussing Israel’s importance to the medtech ecosystem, where the panel opened with an intro video put together by the Dragonfly team. View it HERE.

MassMEDIC Medtech Impact Symposium & Gala

We came, we saw, we wanted to stay for more. TMG had the distinguished pleasure of attending the MassMEDIC Medtech Impact Symposium & Gala. A significant highlight was the opportunity to embrace old and new friends who share a profound respect and passion for our industry. This camaraderie remains our favorite aspect of this gathering. The Massachusetts Life Sciences community holds a unique place, and the MassMEDIC team orchestrated an outstanding event. Thank you to Brian Johnson, Rachel Robinson, Nichole Owens, Kayla Fasken, and everyone who dedicated themselves to making the Medtech Impact Symposium & Gala successful.

Studio Recap

We hosted several guests both in studio and virtually in early 2024 to engage in conversations, gain insights into new technologies, and highlight market trends. 

January 2024

Joe kicked off his new podcast, “Joe Mullings Untitled,” hosting guests Steve Bell & Mike Minogue.

Joe hosted FundamentalVR in studio with Richard Vincent, Dr. Caitlin Houghton, Dr. Hunter Cherwek, and Paul Khait.

The team hosted AdvaMed in studio, featuring a sit with Joe & Scott Whitaker.

The Family Business with Matt Kaufman guests: Orestis Vardoulis, Alexander Ballatori

The Bleeding Edge of Digital Health with Mike Moore guests: Vasu Nadella, Filip Peters

February 2024

Tom Salemi of DeviceTalks joined Joe & Holly in the studio to discuss the upcoming DeviceTalks Boston show.

Holly hosted Rachel Robinson of MassMEDIC and Mike Hugo in studio.

Joe Mullings Untitled guests: Steve Bell, Tony Blauer

The Bleeding Edge of Digital Health with Mike Moore guests: Ken Nelson, Maria Artunduaga

March 2024

Joe joined Tom Salemi & Chris Newmarker for a DeviceTalks podcast.

Joe Mullings Untitled guest: Steve Bell

As a continuation of the Israel Delegation for the Medtech Ecosystem, Joe was joined by Jonathan Waldstreicher & David Hochman.

The Bleeding Edge of Digital Health with Mike Moore guest: Matthieu De Beule